The sentimental tribe

In the space between

Love is a word. A perfume has a story behind

Beyond chemistry and science, What is a perfume but poetry, emotion, reciprocity, love? Peau de Soie y Peau de Pierre; two fragrances created by Philippe Starck in a perfect harmony.

Tiempo de cerezas

Light and how it is projected on objects was the starting point for @tiempodecerezas to create this image with Peau de Soie. She feels there is a paralelism between Philippe Starck’s olfactory light present in his fragrances and the way she photographs.

Coco Dávez

There is a paralellism between Spanish painter @cocodavez story and Philippe Starck. Her grandfather owned a perfume shop where she grew up surrounded by smells. When she discovered the Starck Paris collection she became aware that perfume can provoque creativity and a sense to discover extaordinary worlds.

Peau de Soie

Peau de Soie evokes the the mystery and softness of the female skin.

Peau D’Ailleurs

Peau D’Ailleurs is an invitation to a long, new voyage, to somewhere close to the unknown.

Peau de Pierre

Peau de Pierre is inspired by the idea of reconciling opposites arose: light and dark, masculine and feminine.

Mundo Piruuu

Illustrator @mundopiruuu interpreted one of our fragrances. He chose Peau de Soie because it reveals the mysteriousness of the feminine side.


What is a perfume but poetry, emotion, sharing and love?…


Perfumes create emotions and a sensory and sensual link that speak to us.


A collection of olfactory poems whose words are scents.