The sentimental tribe

In the space between

Tiempo de cerezas

Light and how it is projected on objects was the starting point for @tiempodecerezas to create this image with Peau de Soie. She feels there is a paralelism between Philippe Starck’s olfactory light present in his fragrances and the way she photographs.

Coco Dávez

There is a paralellism between Spanish painter @cocodavez story and Philippe Starck. Her grandfather owned a perfume shop where she grew up surrounded by smells. When she discovered the Starck Paris collection she became aware that perfume can provoque creativity and a sense to discover extaordinary worlds.

Peau de Soie

Peau de Soie evokes the the mystery and softness of the female skin.

Peau D’Ailleurs

Peau D’Ailleurs is an invitation to a long, new voyage, to somewhere close to the unknown.

Peau de Pierre

Peau de Pierre is inspired by the idea of reconciling opposites arose: light and dark, masculine and feminine.

Mundo Piruuu

Illustrator @mundopiruuu interpreted one of our fragrances. He chose Peau de Soie because it reveals the mysteriousness of the feminine side.


What is a perfume but poetry, emotion, sharing and love?…


Perfumes create emotions and a sensory and sensual link that speak to us.


A collection of olfactory poems whose words are scents.

STARCK Paris wins Robb Report’s “Best of the Best 2017” award

The Spanish edition of Robb Report magazine has awarded the “Best of the Best 2017” prize in the perfume category to STARCK Paris. These awards are given to the best products and to the businesses that offer the highest quality of service in the “Good Living” sector. The excellence and…