The Story Begins

Between Dream & Reality


As a child, my mother had a perfume shop. I used to hide in the top shelves of the store room, and on those shelves extraordinary things would happen.

The combined smells of that room created a mind-blowing richness that was the beginning of the development of my unconscious and my creativity. I was in the other. I was in the elsewhere.

I was in extraordinary worlds. Perfume had an immediate effect on my brain. I was free to fly in the spaces of the imagination, in the space of immateriality. So I remained extremely interested and involved with perfume and finally had the idea to create a collection. Starck Paris is that collection.

An exploration of elsewhere, the unconscious, of what we should become, of what we are and what we can be. A beautiful adventure, coming from my childhood dreams.

Philippe Starck found, very early on, the raw materials for his creativity. The evolution of the human species has always inspired him. He aspires to discover its mysteries, he feels it, he senses it...

Smells are always part of the human being, an emotional, physical and mental call to action that leads to unending innovation.

“Every time I came in contact with a scent, that I sensed the trail left by a woman passing by on the street, the effect was immediate. My mind was on the alert.”

The unconscious is stubborn: it never lets go and today it has brought Philippe Starck back to the world of perfume. A universe understood with the desire to offer a personal perception that tends to come closer to the immaterial.